Choose a puppy, responsibly

Looking to add a Golden puppy to your family? Make sure to learn how to identify irresponsible breeders first.


Just when you think they’ve done it all

He stands in line for the National Anthem, he gives nose bumps to the players, and he is the team’s rehab companion. Check out Remi, UNC baseball’s biggest fan.

Hope for Understanding Cancer in Goldens

Having a young Golden Retriever now, I feel hopeless knowing that it is very likely she could someday become afflicted with cancer and that there is nothing that I can really do to guarantee that she will remain healthy. However, it is great to see that scientists are finally starting to stand up up to find how to prevent this cancer epidemic in Golden Retrievers.

5 Things Golden Retrievers Are Not

There are many things Golden Retrievers are: friendly, comical, energetic, and of course, up-close-and-personal. However, there are also some things Golden Retrievers are not, which surprisingly, makes them even more lovable (yes, it is possible). Golden Retrievers are not protective dogs. Although a Golden Retriever’s wolf instincts tell them to bark when someone approaches the…

A Letter to My Dog While I’m At College

Dear Lily, Just as it seems we are getting into our summer routine of eating breakfast on the porch together, making spontaneous trips to the dog park mostly so you can drink out of the doggie water fountain, and staying up late every night watching Gilmore Girls, I have to go back to college. Even…

If a Golden Retriever Was President

As a child, when I imagined my first time voting, I imagined myself closely following the election race, waiting impatiently for the polls to open on the day-of, and casting my vote with excitement and confidence. Unfortunately, my first-time voting experience hasn’t been quite so patriotic or confident. Instead, I find myself reluctant to vote,…

Golden Reminders

As a child, one thing I was never told was that I would miss being a kid. I was never told nor did I ever realize that I would miss playing tirelessly outside with the smell of soggy fall leaves wafting through my nostrils, I never realized the blissful idea of not having a cell…

Five Things Only People with Non-Athletic Golden Retrievers Will Understand

Considering that the Golden Retriever has been the third-most-popular dog breed in the United Sates for many years, I am hopeful that Lily is not the only not-so-athletically-gifted Golden in the country. So, for all you owners of this special sub-group of Golden Retrievers, this list is for you.

A Letter to My Childhood Dog

       A tribute to my Golden Retriever, Libby (11/27/03-9/5/14) Dear Libby, From the moment I saw you, I knew you perfect. Even though you weren’t a completely purebred Golden Retriever, had a bad, choppy haircut, and were free to a good home, I knew you were meant to be mine. As a 10-year-old…

Bad Situation: Golden Reminders

A couple days ago, a seven-year-old Golden Retriever named Skye decided to explore a little at the Penn State Arboretum when her owners, Megan and Ron Holmes, let her off her leash after a walk around the campus. After a few days of searching, they finally found her in a 15-foot-deep sink hole. The Holmes…